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Setting an accent in style

Who says that sliding door fittings should not be visible? More and more designers and interior architects are using the running track set as a design element. And the EKU Porta Black Edition, available immediately, serves precisely this trend.

"Form follows function” says a key principle of architecture. So the design of rooms should be derived from their function. Naturally this goes for sliding doors too. Functionally, they're used to save space. But growing numbers of builders and interior designers are looking for sliding solutions for even large rooms. They prefer the clear line of a sliding door compared to a hinged door. This trend is made possible because systems like the EKU Porta support such versatile applications – and are suitable for wooden and glass doors. They're now popular with hotels and restaurants; in living spaces and conference rooms.

Less installation work
It's not necessary to conceal the running track but rather, the cover can be used as a style element. Versions in timeless black are in especially high demand. Up ‘til now, however, they have required great effort from joiners/cabinet makers. Many attempted to “refine” the running tracks and aluminum panels. Now, however, this effort is no longer necessary: since the new EKU Porta Black Edition comes in a refined black version. Planners of rooms can use it to realize customer desires without additional effort. The fitting parts are available for wood and glass; and for doors from 60 to 100 kilos.

"The Industrial Style in black is popular for door and window frames."

“Silver stainless steel was a popular choice for many years. For two years, the Industrial Style in black has been rising in popularity, which goes for door and window frames, shower dividers and metal fittings”, observes interior architect Anne-Laure Ferry Adam of Alfa Design: “On doors, the black metal lends a certain structure to the wall that’s appropriate in large spaces.” The sliding function remains important – but the form gains in importance.

For beautiful interiors

The EKU Porta family is a modular system for sliding doors of varying weight classes made of wood and glass. The solutions are characterized not only by their elegant design but also by their easy installation, flexible adjustment and straightforward maintenance. Once installed, the EKU Porta offers maximum convenience in daily use: its integrated soft closing system ensures effortless rolling in both directions.

The following fitting parts are available in the Black Edition: EKU Porta 60/100 HMD/HC (wood) and EKU Porta 100 GMD/GWF (glass).

There are hardly any limits when it comes to the combinations that can be realized with the EKU Porta modular system.

The running gear with ball bearings and integrated soft and self closing mechanism ensure convenient everyday operation.

Installation is as easy as adjustment is convenient. The doors hardly require any processing.

The elegant profiles with versatile design options make any space into a designer's dream.

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