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Inspiration and overview of the diversity

Sliding, folding sliding, pivot and folding sliding, etc. present solutions to challenges in the design of buildings, rooms, and facilities. A broad field where one must not lose track of ideas and implementation.

The Hawa Sliding Solutions Inspiration book provides inspiration for using sliding systems while helping you find the right solution for your needs. 

Take advantage of a variety of ideas and tips – download this free Inspiration book today.

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Sliding solutions for every application

Sliding technology is the superior form of interior design on buildings, in buildings, and on furniture. It offers solutions for aesthetic, functional, and economical design. With its overall expertise in the use of sliding solutions, Hawa Sliding Solutions offers the perfect solution for every task.

Innovation and industry competence

Ideas from leading architects and designers all over the world create challenges which we are happy to accept in order to implement them time and time again with impressive and well thought-out solutions. Equally important are the requirements of different industries for their specific needs. The result is comprehensive solution competence, which can be found in every Hawa Sliding Solutions system.

Comprehensive product range

Our sliding solutions on buildings, in buildings, and on furniture cover every need and every type of motion. Descriptions of areas of application, presentation of the system benefits, and detailed illustrations of the technical solutions: The Inspiration book contains all the information required to make choosing the right solution a breeze.

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