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Go through the wall, if you want to.

Sliding solutions in buildings create free space for versatile interior design concepts. Implementation is easily accomplished with the right Hawa hardware, and to the highest quality standards.

Hawa products “In buildings”: Hardware for sliding doors and sliding walls

Sliding solutions in buildings ensure that areas can be spaciously and flexibly designed and furnished. People want as much free space and openness as possible – in both the private and the corporate sphere. Floorplans can be significantly optimized by using sliding solutions, making them better suited to meet rising expectations for flexible use of rooms. Sliding door fittings from Hawa Sliding Solutions make this possible with the greatest convenience. Choose high-quality hardware with unparalleled smooth running, guaranteed longevity and simple installation.

Rooms become flexibly usable.

  • Multi-faceted solutions for sliding doors and sliding walls
  • Flexibility in design and use of areas
  • Multi-functional use of walls and passages
  • Wooden or glass sliding doors as design elements

Sliding versions in buildings

Sliding door – running in front of the wall

When the sliding door is a design highlight in its own right, it should run in front of the wall. This is best accomplished with a surface-mounted running track for wall mounting or fully integrated hardware for ceiling mounting.

Sliding door – running inside the wall

With the wall pocket solution, the sliding door completely disappears into the wall. And with the optional Push-to-Open function, there's no need for handles.

Symmetrical sliding

The symmetric version allows even large double sliding doors to be moved with surprising ease, yet completely synchronously.

Telescopic sliding

In the telescopic version, up to 3 door leaves can be pushed to one side at the same time.

Sliding and stacking

Sliding walls move in linear fashion and can be stacked parallel or at a 90-degree to the sliding axis. The most flexible room partitioning solution.

Folding sliding 

Folding sliding walls can be folded together and parked at a 90-degree angle to the sliding axis.In the telescopic version, up to 3 door leaves can be pushed to one side at the same time.

Sliding door applications in buildings

Room partitioning with sliding walls

Large rooms can be converted into several smaller ones with sliding walls and folding sliding walls.

Sliding doors with soundproofing

Mute the sounds of everyday life. Made possible by innovative sliding doors with soundproofing.

Barrier-free buildings with sliding solutions

With its innovative magnetic soft closing system and opening forces of less than 22 N, the Hawa Junior 100 for wooden doors is the first system of this type to enable fully accessible opening.

Sliding door for shower enclosures

An all-glass shower enclosure with a sliding door turns a small bathroom into a wellness oasis.

Shop fronts

Glass sliding walls transform shop fronts into shopping experiences that last long after closing time.

Transparent offices with glass sliding doors

In open-plan offices, glass sliding doors provide a pleasant lighting atmosphere and make rooms appear larger.

  • Fluid Spaces

    Living in the rooms of tomorrow: They adapt flexibly to the needs of the users – and remain equally comfortable at every stage.

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  • Microliving

    Where living spaces are shrinking, innovative room concepts are needed. Sliding solutions enable great comfort within a small living area.

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  • Inclusive Design

    The earlier the experiences of people with special needs are channeled into the construction process, the more inclusivity can go into the design of buildings and spaces.

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