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In buildings, Hawa Junior

A design hotel in Basel city center

The six story new building with window façades facing both streets and stepped terraces was designed by Basel architecture firm Diener & Diener and realized in 2020. The furnishings of the more than 33 rooms and suites are by Andrea Caputos, while the architects took care of the materialization. With parquet, Lasa marble, bathrooms designed by room type and shoji, the entire hotel was designed on natural principles and with sophisticated Japanese influences. The interior is complemented with exhibition pieces of urban street art from Colab Gallery in Weil am Rhein.

The hotel combines contemporary architecture and urban art with streamlined functionality and flexibility – tangibly apparent in the various designs of the hotel rooms. Despite the compact space and limited dimensions, a smart floorplan concept with sliding doors enables a versatile and generous living atmosphere.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are separated by sliding doors in the Japanese folding screen style: their soft translucent effect creates a unique lighting atmosphere in the space. The Hawa Junior 40/Z sliding door fittings ensure surprisingly easy running while allowing a room companion to peacefully enjoy their sleep even during nightly use of the bathroom.

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