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About Hawa Sliding Solutions:
New thinking for new rooms

We are the global market and technology leader for sliding on buildings, in buildings and on furniture. Superior product and system solutions inspire our customers and partners in using sliding systems and make them successful. We create new impetus for sliding time and time again with innovative applications, systems and materials.

Success factors for our customers

There is always room for improvement. We are constantly looking for new ways of further developing or rediscovering sliding applications in accordance with this principle every day.

Swiss reliability

For more than 50 years, Swiss quality has shaped the development of our family company.

Best technologies and reliabilities

Quality in every detail ensures the creation of long-lasting and reliable solutions.

Leadership in research and development

The result of the constant search for better and better solutions is more than 350 national and international patents.

Precision through automation

Automation creates precision in series. And, as a result, durable products of high quality.

Global presence

Our sales partners are looked after by our customer service department, which consists of 25 employees, including technical support. They are available worldwide to provide support and advice.

Living entrepreneurship

We think and make sustainable decisions for the long term – as a company and as a member of society.

More than 25 percent

of the employees actively advise and sell - on five continents with three foreign subsidiaries.

More than 2'000'000 kg

of material are sent to more than 70 countries all over the world every year by Hawa.

More than 2000 years

Our 240 or so employees use their experience in sliding solutions to make our partners successful.

More than 60 families

represent the basis of our comprehensive solution expertise.

More than 50 years

Sliding competence, innovation, technology leadership and inspiration.

More than
350 patents

Our innovative power has been confirmed both nationally and internationally.