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Large floor plan, compact building

A phenomenon is emerging all around the world: new buildings are offering smaller living spaces. In the second issue of Slide magazine, industry specialists show how quality of life can be enhanced in smaller spaces. And how to get the maximum from the minimum with sliding systems. Let our words and images inspire you anew – simply order the magazine for free.

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Expert: Ideas for compact living and working

Urbanization is real: people are relocating to large cities every day. Living space shrinks while prices per square meter rise. One response is ultra-compact apartments, also known as Microliving. We asked leading architects from around the world, as well as investors and a psychologist specializing in issues relating to homes and living, how to get the most out of every square meter – in line with the principle "less is more".

Strategy: Creativity boost for Asia’s architecture scene

The tropical city state of Singapore is considered the gateway to Asia's markets. Compared to other countries, Singapore is perfectly organized. We visited the Hawa Experience Center in spic-and-span downtown Singapore – and had Stefano Mattioli, Head of Hawa Sliding Solutions for Asia and the Pacific, explain to us how sliding solutions are stimulating the creativity of artists and designers. We also took the opportunity to make a film.

Tool box: Installation tips from master joiners

The EKU Combino is the premium fitting for furniture with refined sliding doors. The all-rounder is now available in 16 designs. But installation remains easy. Joiner Mirco Jungblut demonstrates how installation can be completed in a half-hour. In just 10 steps, from perusing the list of articles to final precision adjustment. And even more pro's share their tips for handling sliding solutions.

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Slide #1 This is how the world lives

The specialist publication Slide has a clear mission: to seek out inspirations for architecture, design, retail and trade. For the first issue, we toured through the world and visited people at their homes. And as a result, we’re presenting the best examples of how sliding solutions can bring motion into structures with elegance. Benefit from our efforts and order the magazine for free now.

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