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Hawa Student Award 2023 - Microcosm instead of office desert

Hawa Sliding Solutions is launching its sixth international sponsorship prize for students of architecture.

The Hawa Student Award 2023 focuses on sustainable living and modern living models. As part of the ideas competition, students are to develop fictitious ideas for transforming an office building into an urban microcosm - a building with space for a wide variety of living arrangements and phases of life, as well as the infrastructure to go with it. In doing so, the students can act freely, because the basis is not a fixed spatial program, but living histories from which the spatial needs of the residents can be derived. The aim is to offer a long-term living perspective for all - this is what the title "Space for a Whole Life" stands for.

The competition entries will be judged and awarded prizes by a renowned jury. Hawa Sliding Solutions is providing a total prize sum of 15,000 Swiss francs for this purpose.

Hawa Student Award
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