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Wellness for the shower

It’s been a long time since the bathroom was merely regarded as the toilet. It has now turned into a oasis of well-being. Creating it doesn’t take much more than a glass shower enclosure with a sliding door. The perfect technology for this is provided by the EKU Banio.

Where does the day begin and end? Usually in the bathroom – to freshen up in the morning and relax or at least clean your teeth in the evening. A harmoniously designed bathroom therefore increases your quality of life. More and more people dream of having a private wellness environment.
And this is almost unthinkable without a transparent all-glass shower enclosure. The well-being experience really achieves perfection when you don’t have to yank the door open, but can gently push it open and closed. The technology for this is provided by the EKU Banio sliding solution. It can be individually adapted to the shower and cut to the required size. 
Corner, niche and all-glass solutions are possible. The fittings work with shower trays and also with barrier-free entry. All versions have high-quality aluminium profiles – the guarantee of a long service life.

Nice and neat
EKU Banio is easy to install because the tracks, panels and thresholds are supplied in a choice of three lengths. A self and soft closing mechanism is installed in the running track at both sides. And the shower remains easy to clean, even after intensive use: Swivel up the floor guide and clean the glass. Simply a pleasure!

Four reasons for EKU Banio:

1. Timeless design
The sliding door fittings remain covered, and the profiles are simple. This provides transparency and elegance in the bathroom. Flush-fitting sealing profiles are also possible.

2. Convenient installation
The solution can be made to measure with millimeter accuracy. No glass processing is required. Installation is accordingly simple.

3. Practical product range
The fitting system is available for niche and corner solutions. It is available as a complete set.

4. Easy to clean
The fittings are spray and leak proof. The glass can be cleaned quickly by swivelling out the sliding panel, and there are hardly any deposits due to the flush-fitting sealing profile.

Product range
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Hospitality, Residential