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New sliding solutions for wall pockets

HAWA-Junior 80/B-Pocket: The new sliding fitting system for wooden doors is available for ordering immediately, and will be delivered in February 2017.

The innovative HAWA-Junior 80/B-Pocket eliminates all of the typical challenges of wooden sliding doors weighing up to 80 kg which were caused by fixed pockets in the past. Thanks to a pre-mounted fixing profile, the running track can be installed and removed at any time using bayonet fittings with zero clearance. All components remain freely accessible, and can be replaced or extended without problems. And because the pivot point of the suspension at the pocket side is right next to the edge of the door during installation, the door can be moved into the wall pocket with consummate ease. It is also a good thing that all of this technical sophistication does not require aesthetic compromises: Because the mechanism for pushing out the door is integrated in the running track, there are no visible parts at the edge of the door, and all of the fittings remain concealed with the filigree clip panel.

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