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Hawa at Holz-Handwerk 2024

“Hawa Concepta III” and “Hawa Acoustics” are the names of the sliding hardware families which Hawa Sliding Solutions AG is putting in the spotlight of its presentation at Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg from March 19 - 22, 2024. The trade fair program primarily highlights the fabricator aspects of pivot and folding/slide-in doors and tightly closing sliding doors, therefore mainly attracting cabinet makers and joiners for furniture construction and interior design to Booth 612 in Hall 12.0.


Experience with pivot and folding/sliding doors

The kitchen with a flush-fitted front can be converted into a multi-functional room “in an instant”. This is made possible by the latest generation of pivot and folding/slide-in hardware from Hawa, which the Swiss sliding hardware specialist has developed in collaboration with fabricators and users. Regardless of the height and width of the door, be it as a Pull solution with a handle or as a handle-less Push solution, for composed cabinets or floor-to-ceiling solutions and walk-in solutions, inlaid or overlaid – the “Hawa Concepta III” pivot /slide-in hardware provides a wide range of variants. And the installation options are extended by the “Hawa Folding Concepta III” pivot folding/slide-in hardware for two-door, four-door and also three-door solutions without a separating wall.


Hawa Concepta III Family –
convince yourself at the Holz-Handwerk

The installation experience – quick and intuitive

A high degree of pre-assembly helps to reduce the complexity of pivot/slide-in hardware such as this. Hawa will be demonstrating live on the trade fair booth how quickly and intuitively the three components and 14 screws can be installed, and how the easily accessible adjustment points make it easier to make adjustments.


Oases of peace and quiet – with a sliding solution with sound attenuation

Rooms equipped with “Hawa Acoustics” are transformed into a silence experience. Under this name, Hawa is combining the advantages of easy sliding and efficient use of space with tight closing, which provides protection from noise, odors, light and drafts and with which comfortable quiet zones can be created, even with open architecture concepts. Because of the wide range of application areas, cabinet makers and joiners do not just acquire new business areas with “Hawa Junior Acoustics” and “Hawa Porta Acoustics”. The hardware also provides a noticeable increase in quality of life.

The sliding hardware with effective sound attenuation is based on well-tried systems. They can both be implemented as a wall-mounted or pocket solution with identical sets, and also in floor-to-ceiling sliding doors. The fabricator can use standard doors, install the doors even after construction is complete, and adjust them later at any time.

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