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How to place rooms in the right light

“Where there is light, there is shadow” in the right place. Because with the new Hawa Frontfold 30 folding sliding fitting, the filtering of light in the room can be elegantly controlled to upgrade any façade.

When the alarm goes off early in the morning instead of the rays of the sun gently nudging you to wake up, you realize again: Light is energy. Without sunlight there wouldn’t be plants nor humans nor animals. That is why the dark months throw off our internal clock and diminish our well-being. Nevertheless: No one can take the direct rays of light the sun radiates.

That is why architecture has always had a tricky task: the filtering of light into the rooms. It is important to take into account that the light changes depending on the weather, time and direction. Folding sliding shutters are ideal elements for placing a building in the right light. They control light and shadow according to the individual needs of the residents – and give the façade an attractive, versatile look.

Whether made of wood, metal, or composite materials: The Hawa Frontego, Hawa Frontslide, and Hawa Frontfold solutions by Hawa Sliding Solutions look beautiful on any building. Especially since the manufacturer of Swiss quality products added the Hawa Frontfold 30 to its range: The hardware overcomes the last creative limits for architects – and impresses with its multi-functionality. Since it protects against sun, sight, and sound, it improves well-being. At the same time, it improves the energy efficiency of the building envelope.

The Hawa Frontfold 30 masters the entire range of folding sliding art. Forslide, Inslide, and Mixslide solutions can be designed to bring light into the dark as desired. The shutters can fold inwards or outwards with even or odd numbers of panels. Folding sliding shutters of up to 30 kg per element are possible, with up to ten leaves over a maximum of 12 meters.

What’s especially beautiful: With the innovative Forslide version, the technology remains largely invisible. The running and guide tracks disappear behind the panels. And the façade and shutters merge into one harmonious unit.

But what if wind and rain affect the façade as a result of changing seasons? No problem: The Hawa Frontfold 30 is characterized by its corrosion-resistant materials and is designed for close proximity to the coast.

Planning and installation run as smoothly as the sliding shutters slide on the façade: Starting with inspiration on the Hawa Sliding Solutions website and offering installation with a drilling template and simple height adjustment – everything speaks in favor of the Hawa Frontfold 30 when “viewed in the light”.

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