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Sliding solutions in the Caribbean

Didier Rouxel furnishes beautiful villas with exotic wood.

Far away in the Caribbean. When a connoisseur wants to enjoy a moment of inner peace, he will take off his shoes and walk barefoot on parquet flooring; after all, «wood has an influence on our lifestyle», says Didier Rouxel full of conviction. He is the wood expert who refines the homes of connoisseurs with wood.

Rouxel hails from northern France, but 25 years ago one of his first assignments took him to the island of St. Martin in the French Antilles. He liked it there and decided to stay. Today, his company SMPM Woodwork supplies kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows and living rooms throughout the Caribbean: Antigua, Nevis, St. Kitts, Saint Barthélemy, the British and the American Virgin Islands...

«The market in the Caribbean stretches over vast distances, but everybody knows each another», says Didier Rouxel. Recommendations also travel far. Rouxel ships his wood from West Africa and Brazil to the picturesque harbour of St. Martin, which is also a popular port of call for private yachts. Didier Rouxel has made a name for himself, be it in villas or hotels, not least through the use of sliding doors. He likes to work with sliding hardware systems from Hawa as his discerning customers expect only the best quality. That is something Didier Rouxel has to offer, and that is why recommendations spread from island to island. His excellent reputation in wide areas of the Caribbean is founded on his unfailing commitment to customers and his talent for elegant interior designs.

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