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Holiday apartment Las Fluras

Broad views of the surrounding mountains, lots of daylight, warm materials and a well-thought-out layout define the character of a 120-square-meter holiday apartment in Flims Waldhaus.

The Las Fluras residence was built in 2008 on a beautiful, sunlight-soaked raised ridge in Flims Waldhaus. The multifamily residence reaches out to its surroundings: the generous, room-high window fronts and glass balustrades offer an unrestricted view of the forest and mountains. Be it on the recessed terrace or in the living and dining area: nature is always included in the ensemble and is a part of the whole. The apartment on the third floor serves a married couple as a refuge; a large part of its furnishings and fittings are made from local materials. The floors and bathrooms are made of quartzite from Vals and the windows are framed in solid spruce. Colors, shapes and materials also come into play in the tailor-made interior fittings. The result is comfortable rooms that impart a sense of security and create an appealing contrast to the rough mountainous world of the environment.

The clearly structured layout and clever room division was made possible not least by intelligent sliding solutions. A sliding door made of wood conceals a storage room; another separates bedroom from bathroom. These solutions are equipped with HAWA Junior 40 B; they are very quiet and easy to use and extremely economical with regard to the space required.

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Hans Peter Fontana und Partner AG
Dipl. Architekten FH/STV
Via Nova 14
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Fontana AG
Via da Fidaz 4
7017 Flims Dorf, Switzerland
Flims Waldhaus, Switzerland
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