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Wall pocket solution with the HAWA Junior family

The HAWA Junior family inserts any sliding door into the pocket, be it wood, glass or other materials – space-saving, aesthetic and convenient. Ensuring that you are in keeping with the spirit of the times.

Increasing numbers of interior designers are implementing additional convenience and creating space by using sliding doors. In an increasing number of cases, they are making doors disappearing into the wall, which creates requirement-based, flexibly used living zones – space-saving, aesthetic and convenient. Not only has the technology of the HAWA Junior family been proven millions of times, it is top quality, at home in all weight classes and suitable for doors made from either wood or glass. This global best-seller has now also become suitable for wall pockets. Hawa wall pocket solutions impress with their wonderful door appearance – with the finest possible aesthetics and convenience. The technology remains hidden. Open doors disappear entirely in their parking area. The play-free installation of the running track and the SoftMove soft closing mechanism are the guarantee of additional operating convenience.

Easy and efficient – convenient installation
Conventional sliding doors in wall pockets could previously not be installed and removed without time-consuming work and on-site intervention. Hawa does away with all of the difficulties which previously plagued this popular sliding door solution.

The HAWA Junior 80 B Pocket is a special fitting for wooden sliding doors weighing up to 80 kg for wall pockets, a complete solution in one package. All components remain easily accessible at all times, allowing additions and replacements to take place.

HAWA Junior 40/80/120 has now also become suitable for wall pockets thanks to a new, innovative system extension. The optionally available assembly set ensures that even heavy door weights of up to 120 kg are easy to handle. Sliding door systems made from wood, glass or other materials are created using the wall pocket assembly set.

The large HAWA Junior family includes fitting systems for wooden, glass and metal sliding doors – from 40 kg lightweights to 250 kg heavyweights.

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