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Vitra-Trendscout Raphael Gielgen meets Hawa Sliding Solutions

When experts meet, the future takes shape: Raphael Gielgen, the trend scout of furniture manufacturer Vitra, visits Markus Föllmi, the innovation director of Hawa Sliding Solutions. During the discussion, visionary Gielgen revels how he tracks down megatrends – and the developments that rejig our living and working spaces. He also shows how sliding systems open up new perspectives.

View into the future: This is how we will live and work tomorrow

More and more of our dwellings are being turned into offices – and office complexes are becoming homelier. The use of rooms is diversifying, and the multi-functionality thereof is made easier using sliding systems.

Experience the meeting between the smart minds and find out more about making rooms more flexible.


The rooms of the future

Living in the rooms of tomorrow: They adapt flexibly to the needs of the users – and remain equally comfortable at every stage. Find out more about this on our “Fluid Spaces” topic web site.