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New CEOs believe in further development with continuity

New year, new CEOs: Ezequiel Di Claudio and Peter Möller have been running Hawa Sliding Solutions since January 1, 2021. As long-standing members of the management team, they are very familiar with the company and its environment – a strong signal for customers, partners, and employees. Now the management duo reveals which opportunities in the market they want to seize.

They do not want to reinvent the wheel – or the high-tech castors in sliding fittings. “But there are solutions for today and tomorrow,” say Ezequiel Di Claudio and Peter Möller, the new CEOs of Hawa Sliding Solutions, in unison.

“One of the success factors of Hawa Sliding Solutions is that we are never satisfied with the status quo. We question existing solutions and work on perfecting the sliding movement,” explains Ezequiel Di Claudio. “We would like to continue writing the success story of our company with passion. That is why we only see one place in the market for ourselves – that of the technological market leader,” adds Peter Möller.

Change in management as a “logical step”

The change in management at the top is all about continuity. Both, Di Claudio and Möller, have already been involved in the Group's management for many years. They both know the brand, the partners, the employees – and above all: the customer needs. And if Hawa Sliding Solutions is the technological market leader in the field of sliding solutions today, it is also due to their work. For this reason, the previous CEOs Gregor and Heinz Haab considered it only a “logical step” to entrust the day-to-day business to experienced hands so that they can concentrate on strategic issues on the Board of Directors in the future.

Focus on a strong brand

Continuing the tried and tested is an important component in the strategy of Di Claudio and Möller. But change is often the only constant in the architecture scene. So where does the management duo see opportunities for growth? At the same time as the handover, Hawa Sliding Solutions is starting to sell all products under the brand name “Hawa”. “We are bundling our measures under a strong brand under one roof. The entire product range of the EKU brand is renamed Hawa. This simplifies communication and processes for our customers, partners, and our employees,” emphasizes Di Claudio, “and it frees up resources to invest in our core competencies.”

Joiners/cabinet makers and architects can continue to rely on the highest product quality – and look forward to groundbreaking, innovative solutions. “As a family company, we think very long-term and maintain long-term relationships with our sales partners,” adds Möller: “We want to build on this foundation and give partners more impulses that will help them advance.”

Sliding solutions are increasing in importance

What does that mean, specifically? The sliding technology is never an end in itself, Möller clarifies: “Rather, it is a key to rethinking spaces. That is why we want to provide even more inspiration to the world of architecture, for example.” In exchange with architects, designers, and construction experts, the aim is to proactively analyse trends and social developments and shape the quality of life of the future.

What is more: “In the age of Covid-19, people spend even more time indoors. This calls for increased multi-functional uses. We are convinced that sliding solutions can create space miracles,” concludes Di Claudio. At the same time, Corona accelerated digitalization in the company. The new CEOs use their opportunities along the entire value chain – from the first idea for a solution to customer visits.

Even if the new CEOs do not want to reinvent the wheel, customers and partners can look forward to getting things rolling.

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