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Goodbye Gregor & Heinz

The time has come: as already announced, Gregor and Heinz Haab are stepping down from their positions as Commercial CEO and Technical CEO at the end of the year and are placing the management of Hawa Sliding Solutions in new hands. They will remain committed to the company on the Board of Directors and of course in their role as members of the owner families.

A perfect internal solution has been found for the succession. The appointment of two experienced and suc-cessful members of the current management team to the executive positions is a stroke of luck for Gregor and Heinz Haab. “Peter Möller and Ezequiel Di Claudio have our full confidence. They will adapt and continu-ously develop the company to meet current and future market needs.”

Gregor and Heinz Haab would like to take this opportunity to express their thanks: "To our excellent employ-ees, partners and customers, for all the unforgettable experiences, encounters, projects, discussions and much more. Ultimately, they are the ones who have made it possible for us to hand over such a healthy company to our successors after 20 years of activity.”

In a short video message Gregor and Heinz share some personal thoughts and pictures of 20 years at the head of Hawa.