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Annual financial statement 2017: Successful expansion in Asia

After the merger, Hawa Sliding Solutions AG is on a good course, even though the revenue target for 2017 was missed.

Hawa Sliding Solutions AG is on a good course, as the management firmly believes, even though the revenue target in the turbulent year could not be achieved after the merger (-2.8%). However, this is offset by targets having essentially been met in terms of the reorganization and the use of synergy effects in the company as well as the successful expansion in Asia.

At Hawa Sliding Solutions AG, 240 employees at the sites in Mettmenstetten and Sirnach in Switzerland, as well as in the branches USA (Dallas), Dubai (UAE), Doha (Qatar), and Singapore, generated revenue of CHF 68.8 million in 2017 (2016: CHF 70.6 million).
The merger of the sister companies, Hawa AG and EKU AG, created a strong global technology and market leader for sliding solutions in rooms and furnishings. Their customers now receive everything around convenient sliding solutions from a single source.

A powerful, joint management team was established under the leadership of Gregor and Heinz Haab.
The new company, Hawa Sliding Solutions is on a consistent growth course by becoming even closer to the market, as the opening of a branch in Singapore with a modern showroom in September 2017 shows. Strong double-digit growth rates in the Asian and Pacific markets prove that this course is already bearing fruit.

In the past year, investments were also made in the US subsidiary and in the European market, among other things with the establishment of a more powerful sales team for the industry in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The production sites will continue to be Mettmenstetten and Sirnach in Switzerland.
85% of the manufactured products are exported to 70 countries worldwide. More than 300 national and regional patents in these sales markets on all continents demonstrate impressively that Hawa Sliding Solutions is a successful global player in the market.