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Shopping high

Consumer society becomes an experience society. Shopping is no longer about providing basic supplies. Shopping is a leisure activity, a hobby, a way to spend time. And it’s simply fun.

Sliding applications in wholesale and retail

The retail industry is experiencing disruptive developments. The triumphant march of digital retail formats is on the rise, whilst the traditional retail industry is under pressure. There are two possible reactions to this: Do nothing. Or do something. Many retail companies are currently reinventing themselves. Others emerge from the digital world and create physical retail formats.

Be it free-standing shopping malls or supplementary facilities near stadiums and airports, the physical consumer experience is re-created every day.

Even if sliding applications are almost invisible, they have a major influence on the efficient use of areas and formats. They provide barrier-free access to brand worlds and open up spaces for unimpeded shopping trips.

And if your hands are full of carrier bags, wide and open entrances are a welcome relief to the consumer.