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Knowledge transfer

Life is learning. Today it starts sooner than ever before, and continues through to old age. Even though digital learning is becoming increasingly important, a perfectly designed room is still an important element in educational establishments.

Sliding applications in kindergartens, schools and universities

Modern education requires openness, transparency and flexibility. The forms of learning have changed. Multimedia and experience-oriented learning are making new demands of the design of teaching centers, institutes and schools.

That which was once a classroom is now a multi-functional room which must constantly adapt to other teaching styles and group sizes at any time.

Flexible design elements which can be pushed into the foreground when they are needed and disappear when other media need to be used can be moved quickly and easily to the right place either manually or electronically using sliding technology.

Sliding solutions for the education area create the space for flexible and open learning. This makes learning fun, and leads to success.