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The space trick with the charm of 007

What does the Hawa Concepta have in common with the iPad? Both came onto the market in 2010. And whereas children can control entire computer programs by swiping using the iPad, entire rooms can be transformed as easy as you like with the Hawa Concepta by pivoting and sliding in.

Exhausted, James Bond enters his apartment. He drags himself to a wall in the living room, waves a hand – and the wall immediately disappears into a niche at the side. A secret home office appears, including minibar. Our hero regains his strength.

This scene would fit into any spy film. However, the pivot/slide-in fitting that provides this “open sesame” effect was not created in Q’s workshop on behalf of Her Majesty. No, it was developed by the tinkerers at Hawa Sliding Solutions. The intelligent fittings of the Hawa Concepta family make it possible to design rooms to be multi-functional and space-saving. Pivot, slide and fold – with the Hawa Folding Concepta 25, the home office, the minibar, the washing machine or the walk-in closet, for example, can be conjured up from out of nowhere. 

Solutions for kitchens with Hawa Concepta are particularly fashionable at present. The visitors to Eurocucina 2018 in Milan also saw this at almost every turn: Many well-known manufacturers are putting their faith in the pioneering pivot/ slide-in system for the kitchens of tomorrow.

The home office can be opened and closed in a flash.
Who would have thought? The hallway is also a laundry room. The Hawa Concepta makes it possible.

A family with outstanding talent

“Since the launch in 2010, we have continued to develop the pivot/slide-in and fold/slide-in systems”, says Gregor Haab, former technical CEO of Hawa Sliding Solutions. It’s therefore hardly surprising that the Hawa Concepta family is characterized by having outstanding talent. The Hawa Concepta 25/30 gently and reliably moves wooden doors weighing up to 30 kilograms, whereas the Hawa Concepta 40/50 can effortlessly handle weights of up to 50 kilograms. The Hawa Folding Concepta 25 has additional flexibility. Two doors can be folded and parked or “spirited away” in the niche at the side, even without a center panel. Extremely attractive: Combining different versions of the Hawa Concepta family opens up an almost unlimited number of options. Space wonders with two, three and four-door fronts become reality.

The sophistication with the scissor technology

“The secret lies in the high-quality scissor technology with which the door is moved in the niche,” explains Gregor Haab. A sturdy upright and additional plastic lugs on runner roller profiles and the door pull-in ensure that the doors run gently into the damped end position. Easy, convenient operation is possible at all times, even with heavy doors.

Time saved thanks to online planning tool.

Nobody loses the plot as far as installation is concerned, either. A few positioning and concealed hinge drill holes suffice, no other processing is required. All of the components are on an intermediate panel. Even with integrated systems, fitters can therefore conveniently make all adjustments from the front – without removing parts of the furniture. And anyone who plans a Hawa Concepta solution with the online planning tool also saves half an hour of time and nerves. That’s because the digital assistant is self-explanatory. Choose an installation situation, specify the materials and the cabinet dimensions – done! The planning tool provides the right fitting within seconds, including the blueprint and the cutting dimensions:

The latest fashion from Milan

EuroCucina 2018 presented the kitchen of tomorrow. You can draw the boundary between cooking and living yourself. This is taken care of by a discreet star: the Hawa Concepta.

Have the visitors had enough to eat? A pivot suffices, and the kitchen utensils disappear.
The latest trend: Natural materials in warm shades – including a stylish herb garden.
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